What Our Clients Are Saying…

Wondering if Cheshire Consulting is right for you? See what our past clients have to say.

“Laurie managed PRSA Maryland’s first virtual conference, a task we could not have handled even with a group of dedicated volunteers. Her skills are top-notch and her willingness to learn new concepts on our behalf was refreshing. She keeps her cool under pressure and goes the extra mile for client success!”

Lisa Coster
Public Relations Society of America Maryland Chapter

“Thanks to your facilitation training, I just took my initiative team through a fully remote mapping exercise. On day 1 we were just talking heads on screens. Our CTO commented that engagement was low and energy felt stale. For day 2, I stepped into the facilitator role, used the tools you taught, and grew some energy and ownership. The team was able to create an exciting path forward. Thanks a ton for your help!”

Matthew Jones

“Our first virtual strategic session was a true success! Thank you for leading us, guiding us, and facilitating us in a way that ensured that we stay true to who we are. We appreciate your many skills, and value our relationship with you!”

 Susie Hayman
President, National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals

“Because of your very insightful [webinar] session I have a lot more confidence and a plan to host my first virtual meeting on Monday!”

Maureen Heim
Association of Community Services of Howard County

“I met Laurie at a workshop we attended together years ago, and I continue to receive her newsletters to this day. While I have yet to have the pleasure of experiencing her facilitation training, if it is anything remotely close to the insights I receive from her newsletters, I’m surely missing out. Speaking as a leadership and organizational psychologist/consultant as well as a graduate professor who teaches this content, I find that Laurie’s newsletters continuously provide relevant and intriguing discussion topics. More than once, I’ve leveraged her topics into dialogue with colleagues and students. Her perceptions lead to stimulating thought activities and support to the academic teachings by demonstrating real-world usage.

Aprille Young, Psy.D
Organizational and Leadership Psychology Department, William James College

“Laurie is an amazing team builder, trainer, and executive coach who is very enjoyable to work with.  As a federal executive, I worked with Laurie on several occasions.  With her wealth of knowledge and experience, she gave my team the tools to enhance their interpersonal skills, improve team dynamics, examine our leadership culture, and establish a vision and path toward the future.  As an executive coach, she was always positive and probing, allowing me to see other perspectives and be more deliberate in my interactions.”

Pat Montanio
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

“With Laurie’s help, we discovered so many things about ourselves and our co-workers. Now we’re able to work much more cohesively because of the way our communication has improved.”

Vickie Luther
Gemcraft Homes

“Laurie provided our firm an awesome coaching experience. This experience allowed us to move to the next level of our firm’s success.”

Shaun Eddy
Strategic Wealth Management Group, LLC

“Laurie is not only a great trainer and very knowledgeable in the field, she is wonderful to work with. She has delivered workshops for us on Emotional Intelligence and Change Management. All were well received by our staff, and we look forward to having her back again.”

Terri Werner
Director, Training and Organization Development at UMBC – University of Maryland Baltimore County

“With Laurie leading the way, our group was able to get past obstacles we would not have been able to overcome on our own. She was firm, fair, and kept us focused on our goal.”

Bob Hannon
President/Chief Professional Officer, United Way of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley

“Teams are living organisms. Laurie helps make sure your team works on fertile ground, plants the right seeds, and is prepared to nurture the garden you plant. Laurie helped me and my team move beyond the issues that were holding us back so we could move forward.”

Mike Fandey
Vice President, Learning & Conferencing, United Way Worldwide

“Laurie is an excellent facilitator who pushed us to think differently and challenged us to develop a strategic plan that matched our mission.”

Candace Dodson Reed
Board Chair, twentyfivefortyfive

“Laurie has the unique ability to take her years of experience in consulting and coaching and help you reshape your thinking.  She’s helped me to get unstuck and create breakthroughs that I couldn’t have achieved on my own.  As a former executive coach myself, Laurie has also served as one of my mentors.  I highly recommend her.”

Mark Slatin
Senior Vice President – Client Experience Manager, Sandy Spring Bank