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About Laurie Reuben

I chose the social sciences because I’m fascinated by people—how we think and how that thinking informs our behaviors.

Organizations, too, have their own behaviors. Their successes or failures depend on how the people within them think and feel about their work.

I saw a need for people who can help organizations succeed in smarter ways, which led me to earn my master’s degree in organization development.

I’ve served as an organization development consultant to organizations of all sizes, including professional services firms, corporations, non-profits and professional associations.

I saw a need for people to be able to think through complex issues together, which led me to neuroscience-based coaching.

Along the way, I’ve learned how personality types contribute to organizational culture. Using tools like Emotional Intelligence, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and the Kantor Behavioral Profile, I’ve helped teams work more productively and proactively together.

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